The world in which we work today is fast-paced. Improved technology allows us to communicate at lightning speed and to be more efficient and productive. As a result, the demands on our time are great and there never seems to be enough time in the day, or days in the week, to get everything done.

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Creating Value for Others Through Recognition: Not Easy, But Worth It!

Often we think about recognition as the formal programs implemented by companies to reward employees for good performance.

Nepotism: A Blessing or Curse for Organizations?

Nepotism involves giving preference in the hiring process to family members of those who are employed by the organization. Although nepotism can occur in any organization...
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Stilian has a very hectic life, with business taking up the majority of his time and his company recently expanding to Serbia and Russia.
Outside of work she takes great pleasure in running and volunteering. She was even able to combine those two passions with a program that taught young girls how to run as an after-school mentoring program.

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