In 1864, the US Congress passed the “False Claims Act” that was first signed into law by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. The act allowed an individual to file suit on behalf of the United States against anyone committing fraud impacting the federal government.

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Picnic in Central Park

The characters in this comic strip have been head-hunted and placed in their new positions by Antal International, a global executive search firm.

The Battle for the Best

It makes great sense that there would be a geographic war for talent. There are at least three battlegrounds for waging war for talent: human capital, brand capital and financial capital.
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When you are in London, you can easily get mugged. It’s about being cautious of your surroundings, knowing the terrain, and abiding by the dos and don'ts of the society.
Remond is an athlete, winner of several competitions worldwide; he started consulting putting sports teachings into business management.

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