Between vines and horses


This P.R.E. breeding farm was born about 25 years ago from the great passion for horses of José Estévez de los Reyes, father of one of the current owners Juan Carlos Estévez Puerto. “Horses were the only sporting activity that interested my father,” explains Juan Carlos, “he liked hitching, so 25 years ago he decided to buy some mares, fillies and a stallion to start breeding PREs”. The farm was started with horses from the Martínez Boloix and the Hierro del Bocado bloodline, but today, after 25 years, the Yeguada Real Tesoro has its own genealogy: beautiful horses, with a very distinctive nose line and above all, all with a black coat. The Yeguada Real Tesoro there empoys 3 people, the mayoral Luís Chacón Sevillano with two stable boys Javier y José Luís; they are also helped by Antonio who takes care of the mares in the pastures around the vineyards owned by Grupo Bodeguero José Estévez, SA, located 15 minutes away from Jerez de la Frontera. Antonio takes care of them as if they were his children, knowing every animal to perfection.

This stud farm is part of the Grupo Estévez SA, famous for its Jerez wines, for this reason each horse is named after one of the company’s legendary products, the most famous is Tío Diego, the main stallion of the house, a beautiful 14 years old P.R.E. At the moment the Yeguada Real Tesoro has about 42 horses, between mares, stallions, foals and fillies. At the farm they try to create between 5 and 8 horses a year. In the 90% of cases reproduction takes place with natural mating, the remaining 10% with artificial insemination. Juan Carlos explains “we inseminate our mares with our stallions, then if I find a horse that I like very much, I have no problem using him, but I must like him a lot!” The market is still in a difficult situation, for this reason the stud farm Real Tesoro in recent years has limited the number of horses produced, focusing extensively on the specimen quality, putting in place a very careful selection that after 25 years has brought great results, Juan Carlos states “we are satisfied with our horses, we have made a good selection in these past 25 years”, he continues, “unfortunately the market is still very much in crisis, and people want to buy horses for ridiculous prices, almost as gifts, if we have to sell them, maybe to those who do not even really care about them properly, we’d rather not sell and keep them, it’s also a matter of maintaining the prestige of this breed and of our company”.

In this firm the horses are sold, ideally between 2 and 3 years of age, with basic taming that includes stable training and step, trot, gallop, “we prefer to ride them all, especially to see and understand their attitude, because for us functionality is a key”, explains Juan Carlos. The horses at Real Tesoro are used for work and sports, so their character is fundamental, “we are not interested in having beautiful horses if then they spend their day biting and kicking each other or biting people, the character in this breed comes in first”, says Juan Carlos, adding “morphology seems to have become an obsession, so we stopped participating in morphological competitions, dedicating ourselves to the hitching races, and little by little, also to dressage competitions. We are not a breeders to win medals, we do this because we love horses and we like to ride them and enjoy ourselves with them”. Juan Carlos has a clear idea of what he is looking for in the selection of his horses: behavior, nobility and intelligence, he says “my horses must have their personality, their temperament, but they must always be docile, willing to work, then sure, of course morphology plays a part and this is why I look for our snout line, or a little bit more height at the withers, a beautiful back, but the first thing is always their mind!”