Among the oak woods of the Reckless


The Yeguada Alborán is a PRE horse breeding farm founded by Francisco Javier Amián Durán in 1996 and is located in one of the forests in the Cordova Sierra Norte in the ranch Los Encinares de Doña Urraca. Javier’s father and grandfather have always been breeders of fighting bulls, the passion for the Spanish horse comes from here, from the use of the horse that they made in his family. Its estate extends for 220 hectares, made of fields and groves, small lakes and small rivers where horses, which live here freely, can find refreshment in the hot Andalusian summers, he explains “it is important that they are free to run and move tomdevelop correctly, especially in muscles, tendons and limbs”.

Javier has made a very clear choice in the selection of his horses, “we breed dapple gray horses because we think they respect the purity of the breed”. Th Yeguada Alborán employs 2 people, José Mari, the mayoral and Juan, the stable boy. Javier is also helped by his family, on one hand by his daughter Lucía, who we can see is the future of this company, and by his sister Gloria Beatríz Amián Durán. In total this stud farm counts 90 heads, of which 40 mares. Javier creates about 25 foals a year, all for sale. The market seems to be recovering, things are moving, but very slowly, “the actual problem is not that horses aren’t sold, but that people are willing to pay much less than in the past,” explains Javier “if I have to sell out a horse, I’d rather keep it, our work, the selection that we carefully make, the maintenance of animals, all of this has a cost that can not be devalued”. A good part of his customers are participants in morphological competitions, but there are also those who use horses for sports and those who buy them to employ them in the pasture to herd their fighting bulls, “we want the customer to be happy with the product that they bought, this is why we want our prospects to come to the estate, stay with us a couple of days, sleep here, and ride the horses, see them, and spend time with them, so that they can be really satisfied with the product they have chosen”.

In the selection Javier has clear ideas, he wants to breed horses that are beautiful, with a distinctive line, slightly curved, of the nose and a long and curved neck, but also noble and functional, he explains “it is important for us to breed horses that have mind and heart, the perfect combination for a very versatile animal like the PRE”. The stallions of the house are: 6-year-old Poniente Alborán and 7-year-old Océano Alborán. In the 90% of cases reproduction is done here with free natural mating, the remaninin 10% is carried out via directed natural mating or artifical insemination. According to Javier, however, it is also important to refresh the bloodline to avoid ending up with a too high a percentage of consanguinity, “to open the blood of my line, I use horses that have a phenotype similar to mine, one that I use is that of Florencio Moreno”. In Javier’s sector stallions are more valuable than mares, even if it is the mother who gives the 60% of genetics to the offspring, “no doubt for a breeding farm, a good mother is invaluable, the mare is the one that gives great part of the genetics to the offspring and above all that gives it the character, it is worth less only because a good stallion is able to improve the line and to correct possible problems” concludes Javier.