Using Statistics


Our fifth issue comes out on 20.10.2010 exactly on the International Statistics Day. Our idea is to capsize the concept of The chicken novel. Statistics is a peculiar subject. It shows everything, but not what we would really like to see, just like Churchill’s idea of bikinis. Statistics is a subject that works with percentage. The average is always the same. The chicken sums are easily calculated: if you could have a chicken per year, and you ate one over two years, statistically you ate half a chicken per year. But in reality you could have eaten that chicken during one year and ate none during the next one. Half of the World’s population banquets, the other half dies of hunger, half of the World is on sale, the other half buys. In the same way when we say that the 10% of the working population is unemployed, probably it really means that 30-50 years old are actually working, while 20–30 years olds don’t have a job, this is a huge problem. Our ambition for a better world is to go for half a chicken each, instead of two chickens for those who are privileged and none for those who aren’t. Many are considering statistics, Benjamin Gilad, Joseph A. Koletar, Aron Goldhirsch and Hans Rosling, and also Galit Shmueli, Kent Johnson in 2 very amusing articles. The cities in which we work, are a crucial topic of our magazine, that finds substance in the launch of the web – site, an important research project conducted by Filippo De Bortoli in order to identify livability themes in metropolises in the next decade. Allan Hall, took up philosophy in his wonderful piece. Starting from the book Zen in the Art of Archery he investigated new training approaches based on patience and perseverance. This issue contains many articles that are curious, intense, rich in their content (an example is the research conducted by INSEAD on measuring sustainability inside a company which relates to enterprises’ environmental performances), and we believe wholesome.

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2010