The Road to Corporate Social Responsibility

Tnt Express is a global express services company delivering 4.4 millions packages and letters every week in over 200 countries.


Some employees during Tnt “Trofeo Tnt”, the company’s football tournament in 2008

Making its impact with more than 26,760 vehicles and 47 planes Tnt needed to adopt corporate social responsibility if it wanted the continued support of its customer base, stakeholders and its more than 163,000 employees. “Being socially responsible is our Group mission and is part of Tnt’s reference values”, says Stefania Lallai, Communication and Csr Manager of Tnt Express Italy. “Italy is the first mover in Csr within the Group and we have made commitments to cement these values into our daily workplace.” To facilitate this interaction, Tnt runs a series of projects based on respect and dialogue with the surrounding community, and has allocated resources and people working full time to make these happen. An example is ‘Moving the World’, an initiative that partners with the Un World Food Program (Wfp), and ‘Planet Me’ which aims to reduce harmful emissions generated by the global transport giant. Tnt Ceo Peter Bakker signed an Mou with former Wfp Executive Director James Morris at the World Summit in December 2002 and both parties committed to a minimum of five years for the partnership. In this partnership, Tnt offers four forms of support to the Wfp, including knowledge transfer, hands-on support in emergency operations, awareness and fundraising, and the transport of goods. Furthermore, what was essential was support from the highest levels of management for the partnership.

Commitment to Csr needs to start from within the Company. Tnt’s ambition is for its people to have a competitive advantage, and for Tnt Express to become recognised as a preferred employer within the transport industry. To create a competitive advantage from within, the company is developing its people through satisfaction, pride and social engagement. This in turn strengthens the firm’s core competencies. “The gradual enlargement of Tnt commitment to Csr is directly proportional to the level of attention and involvement of its employees” observes Stefania Lallai. “For example during the recent (April 2009) earthquake in Italy, our staff from all over Italy, absolutely and spontaneously, organized a collection of daily necessities, in coordination with the Civil Defence authorities. They collected 200 cubic meters of material in one day, outside of working hours, with perfect coordination between drivers and operations employees”.


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2009