Stop Corruption


Few ideas, jumbled together. This seems to be the slogan for the Fall 2011. It is the result of the actions made by European and American politics that are constantly making things worse. A result that has produced a strange inversion: the Stock Exchange (that makes the prices) drives the action of the Government (that should defend values). In other words: money is the driver. We acknowledge that. Look at the great confusion that is depicting this moment. It looks like a Francis Bacon’s  painting. Realities are distorted. Representation is strong. For Bacon it is a form of art, but for society it is a malfunction. Let’s go back to us. Back to work. The cover for this issue is dedicated to corruption. A widespread practice that proliferates in states of confusion and authoritarianism. Corruption is also a symptom of lack of identity. In a company where identity matches facts and it is based on rules (and not on press office’s stories), corruption takes root. In a company where Bosses are also Leaders, corruption is not needed. In an organization where people’s identity is a value, corruption is defeated. Good companies are not corrupted. Bad companies are. Thrasy Petropoulos, our correspondent from Greece has accepted our proposition to work on all of our Country Guides and not just his first one published in this issue. They will be wider and more structured. We have always been trying to understand countries and cities where we work, linking articles to city guides and to our column, “A Glance in the City”. Good luck Thrasy. Also our “To be cool” column has changed. And is now called “Private eye”. Our intent is to get behind the scenes into the lives, passions, design, fashion and lesser known facts about the managers. Other columns will change. Most of all we have a new Editor – in – Chief and a new Editor. Many thanks to Rosario Imperiali d’Afflitto and Marta Scetta for accepting the assignments. A big thank you also to Giorgio Tedeschi and Paola Bettinelli for the excellent job they did for us over the years.

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Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2011