Stilian Shishkov

Stilian has a very hectic life, with business taking up the majority of his time and his company recently expanding to Serbia and Russia.

Stilian Shishkov (1972) born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, has always been a sports fan. That’s why his career and sports have always been connected. He started his education in Bulgaria at the National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski” studying Football. This was followed by four years in South Carolina at Lander University studying marketing. After a year working at the Internet company Ultrabrowser Inc., Stilian joined the Atlanta Silverbacks Park team to support local football. He remained in the United States through the beginnings of his career. In a way, he feels that all of these experiences unconsciously led to his next career move, the creation of sportal. After returning to Bulgaria in 2008, Stilian and his friend started an online sports news portal. It was just for fun between two sports fans. This site eventually grew into his business MSK Group, the largest media group in Bulgaria, with 40 different portals.
Despite being quite busy from running the company, Stilian is happy with his success. “I am very fortunate to travel all over the world for my work.” His trips not only include Eastern European countries, but also much of Western Europe including the UK and many trips to the United States. Outside of the office, Stilian still enjoys sports a lot. He loves to play and watch. This past time is now only second to playing with his newborn girl, with whom he wishes he could spend more time


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2011