Sara Lenzi

“In Brussels I found the freedom to escape from expectations and from a system that is falling down.”


Sara Lenzi (1988) landed in Belgium with the Leonardo program to follow the dream of international cooperation, but today Sara nurtures another passion: cooking. “After graduating in international relations, I’ve had a few experiences in communications, working on projects that always had an eye for social issues,” she says. Two years volunteering in Africa and a Masters at SIOI landed her an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome. “It was here I had to face the reality of Italian bureaucracy; it’s able to destroy every project.” When she arrived in Brussels it was love at first sight. “I love this city, its energy, the opportunity to wander around and find ideas,” she continues. “At the beginning I tried to seize some glimpses of this life through photographs that I also exhibited.” One day Sara stumbled upon “Belli & Buoni”, a space mixing catering and retail offering the best Italian foods. Every ingredient is carefully selected with a variety of products from every region. She loved it so much that she became the chef. “Physical work is truly new for me and has changed me deeply. I look at myself in the mirror and I discover muscles I didn’t even know existed, and my hands always smell like kitchen.”

Photos by Luca Fenderico, Brussels, Belgium


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2014