Rosemary Haefner

Outside of work she takes great pleasure in running and volunteering. She was even able to combine those two passions with a program that taught young girls how to run as an after-school mentoring program.

Rosemary Heafner (1971) stumbled into a job in HR by accident after a previous job fell through. She continued to work in the field for the rest of her career at many different companies including, Eagle River Interactive, RCN Telecommunications and McGladrey & Pullen. All of her positions were in companies that were experiencing extreme changes like growing or shrinking, mergers or buy outs, which is how she likes it best; messy and chaotic. As her first job was supposed to be in teaching, it’s not surprising to find that her favorite part about HR is that she still gets to teach and learn informally every day. She has continued to volunteer regularly in and out of work for the past 20 years. Two of her biggest volunteer projects include the Millennium Promise, which assists the UN Millennium Goal to end poverty, and Big Shoulders, which helps under-resourced students in the Chicago area by providing funding and mentoring to them for education. She has also used her professional skills to assist throughout the years with resume review, writing assistance, job search workshops and preparation for interviews. She grew up in Buffalo, New York with six brothers and sisters, which she claims was a hearty experience. Now she states, although somewhat hesitantly, that she is from Chicago having lived there for the majority of her life. Never married but in a long-term committed relationship she describes her other half as her “partner in crime.” They compliment each other in life and enjoy outdoor activities like biking and hiking together. “That’s me in a nutshell. Go, go, go. I like to stay active. The challenge for me is to try and find time to reflect. So traveling and things I do in my personal time, running or biking, they help fill that need for me not to get caught up in the organized chaos in my life and kind of reflect on everything.”


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2011