Reglas y Pasión




There are passions that become jobs and jobs that can’t be done
without passion…
One of these jobs was the spark for this report.

A common project by
Roberto Benzi, Paolo Mazzo, Mirko Nesurini

The story. Carthusian horses were born in the monastery of La Cartuja in Jerez de la Frontera (presentation by Manuel Barroso, Architect), and they have unique morphological characteristics that emphasize its elegance (breeder Cristóbal Cortés). The strategies to improve the genetics of the Pure Spanish Horse (veterinary Millán Herce García). The relationship between horse and bull in Andalusian culture (breeder of horses and bulls Álvaro Domecq). The selection and taming for different disciplines (Antonio Domecq). The studbook of the Pure Spanish breed (Javier Conde, ANCCE President, National Association of Pure Spanish Horses breeders). The steps of the ROYAL ANDALUSIAN SCHOOL OF EQUESTRIAN ART with olympic rider Rafael Soto. The different competitions commented by Juan José Morales, vice president ANCCE. The architectural environments and landscapes (breederIgnacio Candau). The professions within the horse industry illustrated by the director of the ROYAL ANDALUSIAN SCHOOL OF EQUESTRIAN ART Juan Carlos Román López and the technical director of the Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Ronda Juan Heredia Díaz del Riguero. The role of women in the industry with Belén Bautista Sánchez, Professor at the ROYAL ANDALUSIAN SCHOOL OF EQUESTRIAN ART and breeder Desireé Lang. The personal experience of rider Javier Ruíz and the tradition of “following one’s father’s footsteps” of Manuel Novales de la Escalera, director of the oldest breeding farm in Spain. Other professions told by the voice of those who do them, such as blacksmith Manuel Grandal.