14. TWSM




The history of mankind is marked by continuing outbreaks of war, but one unstoppable battle, even though apparently not bloody, has always accompanied man in his struggle for existence: the war against time. Man, with his actions, fills the small container of his life, and every action needs time to unfold; we know that time is short but we do not know the exact amount available to each of us. This causes feelings of fatalism, insecurity, anxiety and helplessness that hinder the achievement of the objectives we set, both at home and at work. Time, despite being a simulation brought on by human relativity, as Einstein taught us, is such a powerful fiction as to threaten to strongly influence our lives until it gets hold of ourselves, of our freedom. That is why the rapport between time and action has gained a strategic value for all of us and values modern technology greatly, because information and communication technology is an instrument that makes us capable of doing more in less time, as both the entrepreneur and the person on the street are aware. Who will win this competitive challenge? The bionic man who will extend his life span and reduce the time allocated to sleep? Or, conversely, the cultural life that will convince us of the primacy of human nature in everything, even in the passage of time and its inevitable end? And what if it were not a real war, the one against the clock, but mere evidence of the need for better management? For example, learning to delegate, being clear about what we intend to do, knowing how to assign the appropriate priority to our actions, taking care of one thing at a time instead of glorifying multitasking, or finally taking advantage of the downtime that abounds in our day. Not forgetting that we ourselves, as individuals, are entitled to take time.