Nicolás Ovalle

“Life is like a trip: we always need to make time to do what makes us happy.”


Nicolás Ovalle (1990) has visited 18 cities in two years, mainly in Europe, meeting people and attending training and workshops, before coming back to his country, Uruguay. A year ago, together with his girlfriend, he created the startup Banana Split in his home city of Montevideo, focusing on fashion apparel and launching their first summer collection. “After working at Ogilvy in the digital sector, I decided to quit. At Ogilvy I had a very growing experience, but I’m always thinking about something new. I’m a very dynamic person and at that time I was looking for a new challenge.” Through his company, Nicolás has managed to transfer his personal approach to life to his brand, characterized by a strong belief in fair trade and local development. “For me, life is like a trip: we have to enjoy it and make time for what makes us happy. I really like reading, I’m passionate about movies and when I have a little time I love taking refuge in the little village of Punta Del Diablo, in the north of the country, where I have a house. It’s a lovely small fishing village. When I get up in the morning I always drink coffee from my Italian coffee maker, which belonged to my granny, who was born in Potenza, southern Italy, and this is the best good morning I could have every day.”

Photos by Dario Invernizzi, Montevideo, Uruguay


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2014