Necessary Sacrifice


The wall of fear has fallen down in North Africa and the Middle East. People are taking to the streets in order to free buildings from the occupancy of powerful dictators, who, for decades, have been keeping the development of freedom under pressure. These are the revolution of social networks, of those who are used to confrontation and are tired of politics’ lies. It’s the backstage of a media narration that, for decades, has been describing the condition of people infatuated with extremist religions and unable to react to the dictate of the Koran (and other assorted formulas) and are also grateful to the leaders who became international personalities thanks to the money made from petrol. The gloomy picture I’ve just described it’s the result of a four-handed painting. On one side local exploiters, on the other, the international community that needed (and needs) that petrol. European populations, American populations and those from Asian countries think that work in the Middle East and in the Maghreb region is limited to camels pasture, resorts sand raking and to little more than that. Instead reality is different. We have a lot to learn from these countries, even in terms of work styles, as we will tell you on this issue and in future ones! This number describes work in North Africa, with an article by Thrasy Petropoulos that conducted a research for us; and in two other articles: the first, a combined piece, in which we asked 6 columnists to tell us what we could give up, since the key to our future is giving up some privileges to make room to those who are not  as well. The Tryptique is closed by an article on suffocated religions, that have no chance of revitalization, as three American mathematicians from Northwestern   University (Illinois) will tell us. The Work Style magazine #6 comes out in conjunction with the launch of Work Style talking, a thinking model on the identity of work, in Milan (Italy), from April 12 to April 16. Follow us, in the next issue we will explore the concept of “trust” with interviews collected during the Annual Great Place to Work conference in Denver (March 2011).

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2011