Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley is the founder and CEO of the social search engine SideStripe, and he loves the idea of people getting involved in others’ search for knowledge online.


Creating applications, spending time with his family, and surfing are the three things that Matt Bradley can be found doing in his spare time. Creating software is much a part of who he is both while at work and while away from work; as most entrepreneurs have the urge to create, he is no exception. He also tries and sets aside family time with his wife and 11 months son who he describes as his best creation to date. They go camping or for walks in the park, or sometimes just sit at home on the floor and play together. Surfing is a passion for him since his first trial 15 years ago. He finds the idea of paddling into a wave three to four times his size as intimidating – but also very exciting. Surfing big waves has taught him a few lessons as well – when to go, and when to hold back (a lesson that has equally been mirrored in his work life). His goal is to keep a balance and whether in work or play, push himself past the limits- not for glory or recognition, but for the experience and his own piece of mind.



Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2009