Marta González Tarruella

“Enjoy the little things in life and never stop dreaming.”


Marta González Tarruella (1980) is a Spanish fashion blogger living in Madrid. She holds a PhD in political sciences but she decided to go for something very different: she runs a blog on about fashion, lifestyle and horses. “This is my true passion, together with the field where I grew up, because of my father: he was a bullfighter and taught me to love this way of life.” Although she loves horses and country life, Marta lives in Madrid, where she has a very hectic life. She explains, “Running a blog requires dedication, time, resolution and effort,” and adds, “I have to attend many fashion events in Madrid but I also have to go to the countryside every weekend to interview people for Galope magazine.” Marta is one of those lucky ones who has transformed her hobby – horseback riding – into her job. She has been influenced by her hobby since she was a child. She recalls, “I grew up in the countryside and I played many sports with horses, such as jumping and doma clasica, and I also enjoyed herding cattle with my horse. I missed this part of my life a lot when I was studying in New York or working in the European parliament.” Marta also enjoys painting. At present she doesn’t want to think about the long term and has only short-term professional plans.

Photos by David Rodríguez, Albacete, Spain


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2014