Madeline Perry

“I have no definite plans for the future, but I hope to be involved in this sport for quite some time”


Madeline Perry is one of the top 10 squash WISPA Tour players in the world. She began playing at the age of 11 at a club based in Queens, Halifax and has played professionally for 10 years. Her best results so far have been in the World Open Semi-Final 2008, British Open Final 2009, and Irish Open 2009. She led the Irish team at the Women’s World’s in Canada in 2006 as she reached the quarter finals. Facing many challenges both on and off the field, Madeline has battled against food poisoning, a knee injury in 2006 and a head injury in 2007. One of her career highlights was in 2009 when she beat world number one Nicol David 11/9.  Born on 11/02/1977 in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, Madeline has other interests besides her passion for sport. She received a BSc in Geography at Queens University. Her ambition is to go to the base camp of Mount Everest. Her hobbies are watching sport, watercolor painting, and taking photographs. She doesn’t have any definite future plans, but would like to continue being involved in squash in some way.