Luke Archer

“Being an expat in Lyon I have more of an Erasmus-like friends base; they’re French, Tunisian, Egyptian, Brazilian…”


Luke Archer (1974) is an Irish entrepreneur and TED speaker from Dublin, who has been living in France for almost 20 years. He settled in Lyon out of destiny: France was the trip, post graduation, with a friend. Their intention was to go grape picking, and Lyon seemed to be the best spot. “Well, we arrived in Lyon and I found a job in a pub, and I’ve never left since.” After working as an English teacher he found himself training a team of business English teachers. He says, “My approach was so successful that it pushed me to open my own business.” Six years ago he set up a company called Betterfly, an institute that helps teachers developing their teaching skills. He explains, “We help teachers to get better at what they do. As society changes teachers need to adapt to this change. Information can be found everywhere; teachers are not providers of information anymore, they must be facilitators and motivators, help others find their vocation and their talent.” In the little time he has free he likes to play guitar and write music with his 12-year-old son, cycle and enjoy conversations with friends, “Which is one of the favorite things to do in my life; conversation is what I do.” Luke’s life-motto is, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Photos by Roberto Benzi, Milan, Italy


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2014