Loss of Certainties


These first six months of 2010 were characterized by ‘leaks’: volcanic, underwater, and in States’ financial public accounts. The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull has quieted. Obama is dealing with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In Greece we sent a journalist to understand what is happening there in the economic day-to-day life (page 54). To symbolize the curious period we are living in and to give a positive signal, we wanted a winged horse on the cover. The winged horse expresses vitality and strength, combined with the ability to disengage from the weight of Earth’s gravity. It is a symbol of the spiritual life, beyond obstacles. One theme highlighted in the dialogue with our authors is the loss of certainties. It seems that understanding the planning for the future has still not been reached. The period began with the subprime crisis, which has not yet born fruit in terms of innovation and behaviors in the medium-term prospects. Some of us say “nothing has changed”, others – those who we prefer – say “the world is changing for the better”. Pervaded with an excited sense of doubt, we approached four excellent testimonials of our era: Pascal Couchepin, Saul Kaplan, John Steel Gordon and Charles H. Green. We asked them to reflect on the future by refering to the many certainties that have guided us in the past and that today are in a reconsideration phase. This issue contains many articles rich in content, curious, intense and we believe, whole.

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Summer 2010