Jane Lu

“At first it was very difficult. We didn’t speak the language, but I think my parents, after the Tiananmen protests, understood that China was not the place to bring up a child.”


Jane Lu (1986) emigrated with her family from Beijing to Sydney at the young age of 8. Not knowing the language and culture made the adaptation initially difficult. She understood the meaning of hard work and sacrifices as her parents left everything they knew and their professional careers to work in factories so that they could give her the chance of a brighter future. Jane today is a very young entrepreneur – she owns an online fashion store that was built largely on social media. She recalls, “The idea for Showpo grew from when I was working in my corporate finance job. I shopped online as an escape from my mundane job but struggled to find many stores that provided on-trend yet affordable clothes. I wanted to buy something new to wear for Friday-night drinks that wasn’t going to break my budget as a graduate analyst.” Jane had no money when she set up her new business. “I was completely broke from travels, uni debt, being jobless and from my business failure. Having no funding meant our business has always been a very lean and profitable operation.” When not working, Jane has a love for traveling, having visited 50 countries already. Today, Jane is happy – she has built a career out of her passion and loves coming to work every day.

Photos by Paolo Mazzo, Milan, Italy

[W  showpo.com]

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2014