Is a happy climate important for productivity? Happiness at work cannot be detached from personal daily life, but what is happiness to start with? Rudolph Steiner, founder of the antroposophic philosophy, postulated that human beings have been evolving in the course of the past two millennia through our progressive detachment from the divinity, so that each individual could have acknowledged his own free and autonomous identity. The consequence of this process would be the strict relationship between the inner self and the body containing it and, subsequently, the identification of reality as all that is detected from sensory experience. Antroposophy is one of the few philosophic theories that reads the emphasis on pragmatism and materialism, typical of our era, as a necessary phase of human evolution. We have become accustomed to pay more attention to whatever causes an effect in the physical arena, ignoring what resides in the intellectual or spiritual domain. This happens also to words, presently perceived as simple instruments of communication, having lost the capacity to capture the true entity of which they are formal expressions. Today, words are used as abstract concepts, having ourselves become unable to catch the meaning of the sound produced by their pronunciation. Despite that, few still recall their inner power; words like “love”, “happiness” and “peace” are often cautiously used. Their deep and wide-reaching underlying concepts are not much compatible with the uncertain and precarious nature of our existence. Thus, being scared that the outside reality could prevent these words from becoming true, we would rather avoid pronouncing them, or a clear uneasiness surrounds us when asked to answer questions regarding our happiness, loving status or inner serenity. It is as if we were aware of our incapacity to master the outside reality, having forgotten, on the contrary, that happiness like love does really concern the state of our inner self which is not conditioned by external environment, both at work and at home.