Grishka Guzmán

“We are here in this world just to enjoy life and to be happy.”


Grishka Guzmán is a Marketing manager for Microsoft Mexico and she is also the former owner of the Academia Culinaria AACC. She is the mother of two 6 year old twins. One of her most passionate hobbies is cooking and teaching the fundamentals of cooking skills and techniques, as well as patisserie. She sometimes travels around the world to cook with renowned pastry chefs and to visit cooking expos, to stay up to date on cooking related trends. When she travels abroad she always visits markets to research new flavors, colors and aromas, and she enjoys having an extraordinary gastronomic experience by spending time with local people. Grishka believes that “People are what they eat” and her statement is that “We are here in this world just to enjoy life and to be happy.” She thinks that if a person has a dream, he or she must never give it up because “If you go for what you desire and what you want your dream  come true,” and she really means it. Over the past six years, she has been teaching people how to cook and she is spreading the history and culinary message of other cultures, by explaining their cooking and eating traditions. She is passionate about Mexican wine and two years ago, she found the treasure of Mexican grapes through wine tasting sessions. Inspired by this finding, one year ago she created a gastronomic community where attendees bring a recipe from around the world, discuss it, cook it, enjoy it with a fine wine and then they make a report to upload on the web. Indeed, Grishka also has a great passion for blogging and baking. She runs a successful blog that reached 45.720 hits in only three months. In her blog she explains how one can recreate some of her favorite recipes.