Fabrice Leclerc

“I believe in doing the right thing for business, people and the planet.”


In 2008, he was the Founder of “la vallée éternelle” in France, a biodiversity sanctuary, UNESCO World Heritage site, habitat of 50 protected species and one of the most ancient valleys on earth. Fabrice started learning the “rules of nature” during 6 years of medicine and veterinary studies and with various nature expeditions worldwide. Fabrice Leclerc has a highly proactive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility  spreading the new concept of a ‘top performer’. He believes in inspiring and illuminating others regarding social responsibility and the current role of a ‘top performer’. He is Professor of ‘Innovation’, ‘Green Business’ as well as ‘Business Instinct’ courses in the Fashion Experience and Design MBA program at SDA Bocconi University in Milan. For the MBA of Luxury Goods LVMH program, he is Professor of ‘Corporate Responsibility and Green Business Conversion’. Using his experience from more than 17 years as the Managing Director of international companies such as Diageo, General Mills and L’Oréal International, he has recently started a new project in Switzerland. The ‘Business Farmer project’ is a special and symbolic hub, a place where all the green brains in the world connect through the web to meet up and exchange ideas. The aim is to unleash creativity by putting together the most diverse skills and cultures, creating radically new and fresh ideas and business models. By helping anyone who has great ideas in how to finance intellectual property and share it with the world, the project creates green opportunities which were impossible in the past. In 2010, Fabrice received the prestigious Patagonia/Yvon Chouinard award.