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This is the first issue of The Work Style Magazine. This publication was conceived in November 2008, at the start of the current global economic downturn. What was missing was a global editorial observatory over the all-changing world of work. I have been lucky enough to have shared the company of a diverse group of interesting and talented people who requested that I take on the role of Twsm’s Chairman of its Editorial Board. In a few short months, Giorgio Tedeschi and me, we have put together a multidisciplinary team that is close to the heartbeat of global change. We have top-level experts: Prof. Pfeffer from Stanford University and Robert Levering from San Francisco to map out these changes. We have authors of the best-seller “Blue Ocean Strategy”, and the global network of dedicated professionals from the Great Place to Work® Institute. We have the voices of entrepreneurs such as Vivek Pahwa from New Delhi, Gabriella Belli, from Trento, and Alejandro Ceballos Zuluaga from Medellin. There is the network of lawyers Benedetto Lonati, Jet Stinger and Michael Eisenstadt, as well as partners of Egon Zehnder to inform us of latest developments. Together with ExecutiveSurf, an executive talent recruiter, we have opened a wide vista on the workplace across the globe’s thirty-five countries. This magazine is divided into two sections. One is devoted to the individual’s point of view; whilst the other is corporate. Theses two viewpoints are united by a philosophy based on respect for and the appreciation of diverse global human endeavours. There is but one missing item which we hope you can contribute to. This is our readers’ opinions and recommendations for improving the magazine.

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2009