Distributed Capitalism


In the past year, relations between companies and their employees have changed radically. We have gone from a situation of a relaxed atmosphere to one of great tension with prospects for the future still uncertain. Our magazine is an observatory on the changing styles of business conduct and is the mirror on workers’ perception of the management. For us, this is an interesting time to consolidate the reputation of the head through dialogue with our authors around the world. This magazine is a platform for the exchange of opinions, ideas and plans for the future world of work. In the following pages, I point out the research conducted by CRF Institute on the “Generation Y”, and what we wanted is to go deeper with the interviews focused on the ability of companies to give “space” to the young ones and keep them within the company. The editorial is by Mario Antonio Reda, an Italian psychiatrist who, with other colleagues, wrote the “theory of the knowledge organization.” Reda deals with the psychological aspect of change. We then have articles on Hong Kong, opening with an interview with Parag Khanna, the author of the revelation book “The Three Empires.” Khanna reports, already on the cover, which the successful countries are that offer the best work opportunities, for the coming years. We also publish a unique contribution to Twsm by Jeremy Rifkin who addresses the issue of “network connections” as a factor for change introduced by Barack Obama and one by Robert Levering and Palle Ellemann on change management. We believe that working is also an environmental issue. Therefore, in this issue we launch a series of guides on the “work cities”, conducted by Filippo de Bortoli and implemented by Valentina Rigoldi. Inside the magazine an article is also devoted to Izmir, a Turkish city that seeks to succeed. Finally, another issue that is important to us, the sensitivity to the environment, is being touched upon with an article by Sutanto Soehodho from Indonesia, who talks about intelligent transportation. If we all use environment-friendly transport to go to work, the world would hugely benefit from it.

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2009