Design Awards

Young Design Awards

Young Design Awards is a competition that involves young designers and architects under 35  that make furniture in stainless steel. The contest breaks down the barriers imposed on emerging professionals, believes in young people and their skills and encourages them to daring things. No cost to participate, no bureaucratic process, only talent, creativity and passion. Young Design Awards is created by MTN Company and sponsored by Lamberti&De Rosa.

Designers: Giovanni Meo-Maria and Damiano-Giuseppe Vaccaro.
The form, obtained by carving Waterjet is the generating element of a metallic flexible fabric able to adapt to complex shapes for different applications. It becomes a room divider, capable of separating without dividing, a bioclimatic element for exterior facades and roofs, able to be integrated with components for the production of renewable energy.



Brit Insurance Furniture Award

Branca, Industrial Facility
Designers: Sam Hecht, Kim Colin and Ippei Matsumoto.
The Branca chair, designed by Industrial Facility and manufactured by Italian brothers Mattiazzi, was intended to look familiar to the eye. Mimicking the natural growth patterns of twigs and branches, the Branca backrest and armrests seem to grow seamlessly from just one piece of wood. Carved robotically with work overseen by expert craftsmen at the Mattiazzi factory in Italy, the Branca chair complies to all modern expectations, light enough to carry, easy enough to stack and transport.

Branca chair

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Brit Insurance Product Award

Plumen 001
Designers: Hulger & Samuel Wilkinson.
Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer lightbulb. Designed by Samuel Wilkinson and Hulger, the lightbulb is formed of two interwoven glass tubes that curve organically creating a new silhouette from every angle. Using 80% less energy and lasting approximately eight times longer than a typical incandescent bulb, Plumen aims to be sold as a economical design object, challenging the established archetype of an economical bulb.


Design of the Year
Brit Insurance Designs of the Year is the Design Museum’s annual exploration of innovative and forward-looking new work in design of all kinds from around the world. The exhibition presents around 100 projects, which are a selected from those nominated by a group of internationally respected design experts, curators, critics, practitioners and enthusiasts. The nominated designs fall into seven categories – architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, interactive, product and transport. They can be designed by a practice, team or individual. An international jury selects a winner for each category and one overall winner is awarded Brit Insurance Design of the Year.


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2011