Creative Talks

We concluded the series of Creative Talks for this year on October 28 at Beste SpA. We met many professionals and workers whose ideas and opinions led to the conclusion that maybe scientific principles are truly applicable to a company’s organization.



Creative talks are a series of events to share ideas about the application of scientific principles to the business reality.


  1. identify similarities among those processes analyzed by physics and other disciplines (such as biology and chemistry) and the working world;
  2. use instruments, solutions and scientific models in order to better understand business phenomena.


Massimo Temporelli and Stefano Guandalini

Massimo Temporelli and Stefano Guandalini

Massimo Temporelli, a physicist, active in the communication field, whose interest in the relationships among society, science, and technology draws on his former experience and current insights.
Stefano Guandalini is a civil engineer, lent to Creative Talks. His main activity is managing a planning team at ITECSA, a Swiss company, which plans and manages major public works all over Europe.


Work Style Creative Talks offer efficient and persuasive suggestions on how to solve business problems.
Using best practices, you can be part of a global community of people interested in the changes occuring in the working world.
Through Creative Talks you can make friends and strong contacts because of the careful management of the Talks, which encourages everyone’s participation. Through the many open events, Creative Talks turns perspectives around by creating a unique environment. It is usually difficult to attract qualified speakers to business events (they are always the same, too boring and too many). Creative Talks are the smart, engaging and definitely below-standard price benchmark of business events alternative. Creative Talks are carried out in the local language of the country in which the event is hosted.


  • The company: open or closed system? How can the environment influence our business trends.
  • Measurement of disorder. Entropy: from thermodynamic systems to chaos.
  • Darwinism and Business organization. How much to differentiate survival or extinction.
  • Relationship between machine and behavior. From Charlie Chaplin to the post-industrial man.


The strength of Creative Talks lies in the presence of concrete contents that are useful to companies and people who work, and of stage contents. The metaphor of science is used to let the audience think about the significant topics of work as scenic. It is a clever scenic design aimed at the target audience who is able to catch the meaning of the experiments and transform them into ideas for debate. Contents are developed each time by the audience with the aid of moderators and start from a scientific experiment. The didactic agenda of each meeting is a mix of performance and concreteness.