Christine Loh

Christine Loh is currently the CEO of Civic Exchange, a Hong Kong think tank which she co-founded in 2000.


She likes beautiful things that enlarge the experience of the human condition and she appreciates Planet Earth. Curiosity and the need to get to the bottom of the ‘why’ of things is her personal passion, honed through rich experiences as a law student, a businesswoman, a politician, a radio host for a public affairs show, a competitor in sports, an actor on stage, an art collector, and even an impresario for art events. She believes that work and play are interconnected and hates the idea of working on something that she does not personally care for. This was a prime reason for her leaving the corporate world. “I wanted to work on public issues which have both a private and public dimension. For instance, a polluted environment impacts on all of us personally, while cleaning it up also requires action in the public domain. It is this connectedness that gets me up every morning to work hard during the day – and more than often, into the night” she says. Protection of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is another passion that drives Loh in her efforts in raising community awareness of, and appreciation for, Hong Kong’s natural treasures. In her spare time, she goes to the Western Districts that have narrow old streets, emporiums and tiny shops chock-full of traditional Chinese dry foodstuffs, artefacts and medicinal herbs. She also enjoys the old-school Hong Kong cafes, the ‘cha chaan tengs’ where Cantonese cooks fuse Chinese and western ingredients into sometimes idiosyncratic culinary treats. She also enjoys organic food and her favorite haunt is “Life Café” along the famed Hong Kong Escalator in Soho.



Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2009