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Golden State still Brilliant?

Times are tough in California - new gadgets are still delighting customers, Yosemite is still beautiful and Hollywood is still filling theaters, but the state is facing major economic difficulties.

The Heart of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is an indescribably unique environment: a cultural melting pot, an experience of nature, and center of the Malaysian economy. It is indeed a link between past and present, with a vision which attempts to include everyone for the future.

The New Renaissance of the Chateaux

Living in a real fairytale castle is no longer a childhood dream. A castle vacation can be true joy for anyone’s senses, breathing in the historic air between ancient walls and discovering the exciting secrets of noble families with a long, rich tradition.

Industrial Heritage Workplaces Revisited as ‘Art Containers’

Over the last three centuries, a long story of complex relationships has existed between ‘Art’ and ‘Industry’.

The ‘New Life’ in Neighborhoods

Looking for new ‘centers’ for building your career, finding plenty of attractive spots to feel at home, where there is the ‘globalization of the local’.

Connecting Europe through Science

Since its first edition six years ago esof has developed and gained visibility, attracting bids from Europe’s top dogs: so far, the privilege has been awarded to Barcelona, Munich and Stockholm. Turin has been chosen for the 2010 edition and Dublin for 2012.

Remembering Work in Greece

People and businesses struggle to come to terms with the fallout from Greece’s debilitating debt crisis. The Athens News Editor provides an update on the crisis and discusses personal interviews which offer an inside perspective into the current events in Greece.

The Financial Hub of Brazil

São Paulo is one of those cities that, in the foreseeable future, will dictate the direction of the world economy. As a manual for business trips and foreign inhabitants, we highlight these glittering cities of the 21st century. The balance of power in the world is shifting. We are witnessing a rapid rise of mid-size cities, while many others face relative decline. Parag Khanna states that the middle-income countries are growing increasingly assertive. They are what we call ‘the emerging ...

Aesthetics and Happiness

In a bygone age, virtue was to be expressed through earnest exertion. That mastered nature while, more recently, happiness was derived from the material possessions that a career provided. In a globe where the environment no longer seems limitless, meaning will be increasingly sought in workplaces that are genuinely committed to corporate social responsibility.

Capitals of Culture

Each year two cities from two pre-determined states are selected as Europe’s Capitals of culture (ECoC). Criteria such as the artistic quality of the presented program and its overall european vision determine which city is to represent for the coming year the richness and diversity of european cultures.

Getting the ‘Green Light’

Looking green, thinking green, shaping green cities, and living green seem to be the contemporary ‘must do’ things. Green thinking really can bring positive change in cities worldwide. Local administrations are leading the way. They know that improving quality of life brings benefits. The challenge of greening the economy has been taken very seriously by local governments, since this is one of most effective drivers for improving quality of life in large and medium-sized urban areas. ...

The City that Never Stops

New York City has been under fire for at least a year. Everything negative you could imagine in the financial sector has occurred in this city. The global financial earthquake had its epicenter here. Yet the climate is still positive. Museums are crowded, tourism is growing, and many smaller businesses are flourishing. NYC thinks positive: Tomorrow the sun will shine brightly again. New Yorkers have long thought of their city as the center of world, both financially and culturally. So it is ...