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Training New Generation

We can say that training in a big room where someone is telling you how to become a seller in 2 days thanks to 10 principles is over. Now we are moving to the next training generation.

Laugh to decrease your stress

“Laughing is really important in every situation not just at work, because it’s a vital reflex and it helps to decrease your stress, boosts your creativity and makes you more ...

Did your Child Choose their University?

A diploma from a school that offers the highest quality academic programs can help a graduate land a good job as well as gain admission into the best graduate programs in the country.

Sliding Competencies

The idea that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’has never been more relevant than in these hard times of recession and uncertainty. During training, companies from all over the world, pay particular attention to the skills of people who face extreme life situations such as death and strong adrenalin rushes, in order to adapt these people’s teachings to their own case. It has long been known that international business has looked favorably on the ex-military caste; leaders ...

A Checklist Saves Lives

Safety and the sharing culture, coordinated action and team cohesion. These principles are valid for a corporate team and are borrowed from particular experiences ranging from submarines during wartime, to hospital emergency wards, and to racing car pit-stops. These experiences are also useful for coping with stress during the current economic crisis. To check the identity of a patient who is about to be operated can be to most people a ‘no-brainer’. The same can be said of pre-emp...

It’s All About Behaviors

Personality is only important when it influences certain “professional” behaviors. For a company it is more important to understand and measure how a person will behave in a particular situation than what their personality traits are.

The Tradition of the Opera in Italy

From the land of great opera composers to the country of talented opera singers, coming from Asia and particularly Korea, Italy has become a real “promised land” for Korean music students. However, their professional success is often waiting for them in their own homeland.