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Statistics: Math or Myth?

The World celebrates the first World Statistics Day to promote the many achievements of official statistics premised on the core values of service, professionalism and integrity. The WSD serves as a tool to further support the work of statisticians across different settings, cultures, and domains.

Bringing Statistics to Life

Gapminder was born in 1998-99 since the technology was available at that time. We have found a new understanding of data analysis. Your understanding changes over time. In our website, data become alive becoming more understandable.

Taking Risks in Medicine

The process of decision making in medicine is complex and involves knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, their relevance, safety, benefits and costs. Discovery of drugs from initial development until their commercial availability is a long and complicated process.

Making your Company Stronger

Today’s organizations are exposed to different kind of risks, such as cyber-attacks, plundering of intellectual property, stealth competition from grey and black markets, unconscionable acts of executive greed and corruption, identity theft, fraud, and terrorist threats.

How to Make Decisions Using Superior CI

In an issue devoted to statistics, this piece will probably stand out as sacrilege. In stark contrast to the excessive use of number crunching at various managerial levels, and the excessive weigh executives place on the predictive qualities of quantitative data, competitive intelligence is qualitative and predictive.