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Stilian Shishkov

Stilian has a very hectic life, with business taking up the majority of his time and his company recently expanding to Serbia and Russia.

Rosemary Haefner

Outside of work she takes great pleasure in running and volunteering. She was even able to combine those two passions with a program that taught young girls how to run as an after-school mentoring program.

Abrianna Bossman

When you are in London, you can easily get mugged. It’s about being cautious of your surroundings, knowing the terrain, and abiding by the dos and don'ts of the society.

Philippe Remond

Remond is an athlete, winner of several competitions worldwide; he started consulting putting sports teachings into business management.

Jennifer Prosek

“You cannot dwell, you must solve”.

Peter Conrad

“In such emergency Japan offers to the world the best view of its values and beliefs”.

Design Awards

A number of design awards to watch out for ...

Naomi Simson

“I am a positive, enthusiastic and effervescent person."

Stefano Colombo

“Mrs Colombo, Mrs Colombo … Stefano is climbing again ...”

Claudia Valdivia Valladares

“I love my job, with it I can combine two passions: working with people and finance.”

Grishka Guzmán

“We are here in this world just to enjoy life and to be happy.”

Madeline Perry

Madeline Perry is one of the top 10 squash WISPA Tour players in the world. She began playing at the age of 11 at a club based in Queens, Halifax and has played professionally for 10 years. Her best results so far have been in the World Open Semi-Final 2008, British Open Final 2009, and Irish Open 2009.