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Open Organizations: Innovate Sustainably

Reflective and learning organizations are continuously faced with the challenge to elaborate a cohesive vision that will help them understand what possibilities exist for them to fine tune their products/services to ever changing behaviors and cultures.

The Longevity of Historical Brands

During the past years a massive number of new brands have been introduced into the market. Some of them have excelled in the field for over one hundred years or, in some cases, even three hundred. Others disappeared in the blink of an eye. Which key factors determine longevity?

Measuring Sustainability Inside the Company

The evaluation of intangible assets or social and environmental performances has always been a fascinating field of study for scholars and practitioners.

A Comet Named Margherita

Academic activities, research and teaching, are inextricably linked to social commitment. Spreading knowledge is a scientist’s duty, who ‘returns’ the fruits of their labor to society. In astrophysics, this also means giving answers to people’s fears and curiosity.