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Jodie Fox

“I was solving a problem of my own, hence the idea to create special bespoke shoes for every woman.”

Kimihito Okubo

“In a word? I would like to see youths expose themselves to the world.”

Sacha Beverley

“Have a vision, acknowledge your dreams and pursue them taking active steps.”

Marta González Tarruella

“Enjoy the little things in life and never stop dreaming.”

Nicolás Ovalle

“Life is like a trip: we always need to make time to do what makes us happy.”

Stephani Carter

“My work is my best passion, singing and dancing my best hobbies.”

Sara Lenzi

“In Brussels I found the freedom to escape from expectations and from a system that is falling down.”

Luke Archer

“Being an expat in Lyon I have more of an Erasmus-like friends base; they’re French, Tunisian, Egyptian, Brazilian...”

Alan Deidun

"If I could change something about my life, I’d try to find more time to rest and sleep, and start saying 'no' to more work.”

Aya Kunitake

“What I do is completely aimed at creating greater openness towards the world, towards the new.”

Giovanni Cafaro

“In the future I hope to grow my business and have employees of my own!”

Inés de Novales de la Escalera

“Truth is, I’m very proud of my roots.”