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Angela Stephanie Goh

Angela was born in Malaysia and when she was 4 years old she moved to Singapore until she was 19, where she accomplished her studies. Her first job was as a waitress. She says “I have always loved the hotel industry, I love people and establishing relationships with customers.”

Simon Hammerstein

Growing up in Soho as a member of one of New York’s esteemed theatrical families, Simon was exposed to show business at an early age by his father, a Broadway director himself. Never one to follow a traditional path Simon, without his parents' permission, left a prestigious boarding school in upstate New York to return to Manhattan to follow his theatrical dreams.

Axel Knapp

Axel believes in the importance of spending quality time with his family and always tries to dedicate the limited free time he has with his wife, 14-year-old son, and 8-year-old daughter. He likes to go skiing in winter time and mountain biking with his wife or friends all year round, weather permitting. During summer he also loves to spend time on the shores of the Chiemsee Lake.

Ana Claudia Fatia

She has won the Brazilian Championship four times, the South America Championship and Pan-American Championship once. She took third place in a World Cup in China. She also gained two bronze medals for the World Cup in Sanshou. (named for a typical mode of Wushu, known as Chinese boxing). She has a degree in Physical Education. She teaches wushu to people to demonstrate the true meaning of martial arts.

Christine Loh

“I wanted to work on public issues which have both a private and public dimension. For instance, a polluted environment impacts on all of us personally"

Monika Schmutz Kirgöz

“Tel Aviv is a great place, the human relationships are informal and enriching as people have a high standard of education and an amazing intellectual curiosity.”

Matt Bradley

Matt despite being very busy with work always tries to set aside family time with his wife and 11 months son, who he describes as his best creation to date.

Vivek Pahwa

Vivek Pahwa is one of Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs at only 27.

Alejandro Ceballos Zuluaga

“Making a good start to the day. What else but drinking good coffee and reading a newspaper, at the Juan Valdez Café, in the centre of Medellin?”

Gabriella Belli

“Accuracy and strictness are essential to managing the Mart.”

Jane Lu

“At first it was very difficult. We didn’t speak the language, but I think my parents, after the Tiananmen protests, understood that China was not the place to bring up a child.”

Brendt Barbur

“I love what I do, but I have been doing this for 15 years and it is important to explore and not get stale.”