MOVIES for Work 6 results


A man’s drive to understand life with an optimistic approach. On a cold London night, Locke (Tom Hardy), a construction site manager working on a huge skyscraper, gets into his black sedan and begins a journey.


Gourmet cuisine, chefs, Twitter fights: a quest to regain success. Today, chefs are very popular on TV and in the movies because of the gourmet boom of the past few years. This movie is a fun comedy portraying a world of great passion and humility, seasoned with excellent Cuban salsa. Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) is a talented chef at an elegant restaurant, which becomes famous and successful thanks to him and his team. These people are brought together by their mutual passion, culinary ...

The Grand Budapest Hotel

A legendary concierge and a lobby boy become trusted friends in a tale of theft and recovery, the raging battle for a family fortune and a love affair – all against the backdrop of the changing continent.

The Lunchbox

A delivery mistake creates a wonderful connection to build a fantasy world of love and happiness.

A Touch of Sin

Four characters, four lives follow each other sharing two common denominators: a job and a dire social situation, where poverty, ostentation, discrimination, and depression trigger the usual response. Dahai is a mineworker who rebels against the corrupt system of bosses to fight for the rights of people in his village. A lonely and abandoned man, forced to work apart from his family, he feels a growing anger inside and indifference toward others. A young receptionist in a local sauna ...

The Internship

Gen X vs Gen Y: Digital natives give a hard time to two former agents for a watch company who lost their jobs but are ready for the battle to get into Google. The film is set in a dream company, Google. It’s like Wonka’s chocolate factory, but in Silicon Valley. It’s a world where the average age is thirty, and it is impossible to distinguish a manager from a trainee. Everyone seems happy. People ride on Google bicycles, eat free Google sandwiches, and chill out in relaxing ...