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Greece: The Enduring Paradox

Greece finds itself engulfed in a financial crisis that has exposed decades-long tax evasion and a bloated civil service.

Stilian Shishkov

Stilian has a very hectic life, with business taking up the majority of his time and his company recently expanding to Serbia and Russia.

Abrianna Bossman

When you are in London, you can easily get mugged. It’s about being cautious of your surroundings, knowing the terrain, and abiding by the dos and don'ts of the society.

Philippe Remond

Remond is an athlete, winner of several competitions worldwide; he started consulting putting sports teachings into business management.

Stefano Colombo

“Mrs Colombo, Mrs Colombo … Stefano is climbing again ...”

Gabriella Belli

“Accuracy and strictness are essential to managing the Mart.”

Marta González Tarruella

“Enjoy the little things in life and never stop dreaming.”

Nicolás Ovalle

“Life is like a trip: we always need to make time to do what makes us happy.”

Sara Lenzi

“In Brussels I found the freedom to escape from expectations and from a system that is falling down.”

Luke Archer

“Being an expat in Lyon I have more of an Erasmus-like friends base; they’re French, Tunisian, Egyptian, Brazilian...”

Alan Deidun

"If I could change something about my life, I’d try to find more time to rest and sleep, and start saying 'no' to more work.”

Giovanni Cafaro

“In the future I hope to grow my business and have employees of my own!”