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The New Face of Russia

Ekaterinburg still maintains the flavor of the past but it is rushing towards a rich and promising future.

The Heart of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is an indescribably unique environment: a cultural melting pot, an experience of nature, and center of the Malaysian economy. It is indeed a link between past and present, with a vision which attempts to include everyone for the future.

The Financial Hub of Brazil

São Paulo is one of those cities that, in the foreseeable future, will dictate the direction of the world economy. As a manual for business trips and foreign inhabitants, we highlight these glittering cities of the 21st century. The balance of power in the world is shifting. We are witnessing a rapid rise of mid-size cities, while many others face relative decline. Parag Khanna states that the middle-income countries are growing increasingly assertive. They are what we call ‘the emerging ...

The City that Never Stops

New York City has been under fire for at least a year. Everything negative you could imagine in the financial sector has occurred in this city. The global financial earthquake had its epicenter here. Yet the climate is still positive. Museums are crowded, tourism is growing, and many smaller businesses are flourishing. NYC thinks positive: Tomorrow the sun will shine brightly again. New Yorkers have long thought of their city as the center of world, both financially and culturally. So it is ...

Successful Companies in HK

Working success in Hong Kong is not only a matter of financial issues; but there is also an emphasis on family and generational continuity as an expression of success. Moreover, not to be outdated by the never sleeping Hong Kong, success comes along with being switched on, full of energy and motivated at all times. BOYDEN Continued changes in recruitment trends in Asia Demand for executive skills will continue gravitating towards talented locals who have educational and career ...

Work in the City of HK

Founded in the mid-19th century on what was described as a ‘barren rock’ at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, the British fashioned Hong Kong as a low-tax free-trade port from where European merchants did business with Imperial China. As a Special Administrative Region of China, modern-day Hong Kong continues to be ranked No.1, year after year, on the New York Times/Heritage Foundation’s ‘Index of Economic Freedom’, and the No.3 economy on the World Bank’s ‘Ease ...

HK: the Tiger is Still Roaring

Hong Kong is a small, open, trade-dependent economy which saw its GDP growth rate drop from 9.5% in 2007 to 3.8% in 2008. Hong Kong University’s APEC Study Centre expects a contraction of 3.1% in 2009 while the Asian Development Bank (ADB) forecasts Hong Kong to grow at 3% over 2010, benefiting from its proximity to a rapidly recovering mainland Chinese economy. Twsm sought commentary from a range of perspectives on Hong Kong’s current and future economic prospects. ECONOMIC ...

Australia: The Whispers of Kookaburra

Our journey in Australia: between New South Wales and Queensland.

Tokyo: Sardines in a Can

If work in Tokyo is a tough experience due to the many hours worked, for all employees the first test they must pass is to reach their workplace.

Detroit: Iconic Buildings

Our journey in Australia: between New South Wales and Queensland.

Detroit: Shinola

Our journey in Australia: between New South Wales and Queensland.

Detroit: The Silent City

Our journey in Australia: between New South Wales and Queensland.