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The Mantra of Employer Branding

Just like products, which have to be made appealing in order to win over customers and beat the competition, companies will need to present themselves as caring, top-notch employers if they intend to put under contract the crème de la crème the work market has to offer.

Math versus Faith

Religions are suffocating and their chance of revitalization is as low as it has ever been before.

Altruism or self-interest

There are no globally accepted standards of CSR, although 2010’s ISO 26000 principles were a first attempt at defining it, covering accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests ...

Effective Workplace Communication

Technology has changed the way we behave.It is not unusual to see a mother pushing a pram across the road whilst texting and the ability to stay in permanent contact places communications at the centre of our existence and blurs our life and work identities.

Are you Ready for the Truth?

The most common reason romantic love happens with co-workers is because they’re there. We spend a lot of time at work - often more total time with our colleagues than our family members. That’s just the reality of the modern workplace.

Power and Lies

Does power change the perception of the powerful until they begin to see lies as being acceptable? Research done by Columbus University proposes that power should offer a buffer against stress associated with wrongful acts, such as telling a lie.

Redemption and Greed: the 2010 World Cup

The 2010 Fifa World Cup will take place from June 11 to the July 11 this year, in South Africa. It is the 19th World Cup and the first one hosted by an African nation. It will be the biggest sporting event eve, rand over a billion people are expected to follow the 32-team tournament, won four years ago by Italy. Such a huge event will be exciting, over-analyzed and inevitably fraught with problems.

Wayfinding Communication

Providing directions within companies—showing people how to get in and also how to get out—is the creative business of a number of highly-specialist companies. In-company signage helps manage the flow of people who come and go within that company’s buildings: employees, vendors and clients, as well as visitors.

Let Me Tell You a Story

In a relationship based on trust and reciprocal recognition of reputation, guest speaker agencies keep in close touch with their clients to engage the ideal speaker with respect to theme or activity.

Seeking Transparency

Keeping people informed in real time and overcoming cultural differences. These are some of the aims of the UN’s internal communication tool, its I-Seek intranet. We interview Marie Heuzè, Director of the United Nations Information Service, for more details. During the Kofi Annan secretariat two years ago, the Un’s internal communications underwent a transformation. Now, when Un’s staff anywhere in the world switch on their computers and go online, they are automatically linked its ...

YouTube Era

Over the years, communication’s terms and standards have changed. Today everything is faster, briefer and more concise. Also in the world of the corporate documentary, or industrial movie, the approach to communicating the firms’ potential has also totally changed: from the 60 minutes movie to the 3 minutes ‘web oriented’ message. Today everything is quick, synthetic and offhanded…and creative. The internet has encouraged change in the production and fruition of company documen...


Few brands can boast 100 percent client satisfaction, and airlines are certainly not among those rare few. When complaints gravitate around the usual weak spots – disappointing customer service and lack of regard for passengers – the line between imperfection and bad reputation narrows. FLIGHTS & TRIBULATIONS Today, disgruntled travelers are stepping up their game; not only do they strike back on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter but they are also using a new weapon: ...