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Cold-Blooded and Quick

Great leaders understand their organizations vertically and horizontally. Vertically, they understand from a business perspective what goes on in the “machine room” of ...

Leadership ability, in military-style

Sandhurtst, West Point, Saint-Cyr, the Gagarin Air Force Academy - these are just some of the hundreds of finishing schools around the world for army officers. 

Being Zen in Business

Starting from the book Zen in the Art of Archery we have investigated training opportunities, based on patience and perseverance, that people adopted to create new opportunities.

Reinventing Oneself

Today the age doesn’t matter anymore; it’s the experience and knowledge that count and make the perfect mentor. Let’s see who a mentor is and how everyone in a company can profit from his expertise. Organizations are discovering that the workplace is changing at such a rapid pace, that they must be ready to meet these changes.

From Group to Team

Human capital development and trust nourish themselves mutually. The development of all aspects of human capital cannot take place without trust. Uncertainty, competition, cost-control, continuous renewal, stress management, excellence, innovation and speed to market are some of the key words that summarize the demand on firms. How do they solve these simultaneous challenges? The answer lies in ‘teamwork’. “Ideas often light up themselves mutually, like electric sparks”, said the ...

Keep Your Employees Happy

There was a time when employees came to work, endured all manner of internal rows and conflicts, and went home to kick the dog, snarl at the wife or hit the bottle. Perhaps all three. But corporations have pulled themselves out of feudal times and now rely heavily on problem-resolution policies and management, not just for the sake of the sanity of the workforce but also for the benefit of the bottom line.

Boosting Positivism

In the post-crash workplace world companies give a boost to new positive thoughts and values among the “survivors”.

It Was an Accident!

In the post-crash workplace world companies give a boost to new positive thoughts and values among the “survivors”.