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Laugh to decrease your stress

“Laughing is really important in every situation not just at work, because it’s a vital reflex and it helps to decrease your stress, boosts your creativity and makes you more ...

Everybody is going green

When you look at corporate websites today you will see a lot more photos with “green” references and the information on companies’ environmental activities have ...

Taking the luck out of safety

The Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig operated for seven consecutive years without a single lost time incident or major environmental event. By that measure they were safe.

Whistleblower protection

A whistleblower is an employee, former employee, or member of an organization who informs the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities occurring in government ...

Identity in the workplace

People are an essential requirement for an economic enterprise. Employer and employees are both fundamental to any concern, each of them with its own identity. An economic entity always needs somebody ...

Altruism or self-interest

There are no globally accepted standards of CSR, although 2010’s ISO 26000 principles were a first attempt at defining it, covering accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests ...

Leadership ability, in military-style

Sandhurtst, West Point, Saint-Cyr, the Gagarin Air Force Academy - these are just some of the hundreds of finishing schools around the world for army officers. 

Fostering employee engagement

Performance management systems that focus employees on short- and long-term goals reinforce communication and organizational direction, and ensure everyone works towards the same end results.

Striving for recognition

As recognition came for women, others also decided to get involved by opening art galleries. And though some might think that there are a lot of women, let’s not forget that it was not always the case.

The Longevity of Historical Brands

During the past years a massive number of new brands have been introduced into the market. Some of them have excelled in the field for over one hundred years or, in some cases, even three hundred. Others disappeared in the blink of an eye. Which key factors determine longevity?

Working Parents: What Do your Children Think?

Children always expect something from their parents. What about working parents? Sometimes just a few pointers are enough to build and maintain a good relationship in families where both parents work.

Strengthen your Design

Investigating how the relationship between companies and designers has evolved over the years. From the ambiguous success of the Panton Chair, to the current and excellent examples of BoConcept and Ikea, up to Fritz Hansen case history from the “voice”of Christian Rasmussen and Kasper Salto.