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Creating Value for Others Through Recognition: Not Easy, But Worth It!

Often we think about recognition as the formal programs implemented by companies to reward employees for good performance.

Nepotism: A Blessing or Curse for Organizations?

Nepotism involves giving preference in the hiring process to family members of those who are employed by the organization. Although nepotism can occur in any organization...

Picnic in Central Park

The characters in this comic strip have been head-hunted and placed in their new positions by Antal International, a global executive search firm.

The Battle for the Best

It makes great sense that there would be a geographic war for talent. There are at least three battlegrounds for waging war for talent: human capital, brand capital and financial capital.

Open Organizations: Innovate Sustainably

Reflective and learning organizations are continuously faced with the challenge to elaborate a cohesive vision that will help them understand what possibilities exist for them to fine tune their products/services to ever changing behaviors and cultures.

A Review of Work-Related Suicide

Suicide within companies is a lethal outcome that is potentially preventable. Early detection and management is critical. To do this, having a finger on the emotional pulse of an organization is important, as ...

The Art of Inking

Nerves of steel, huge creativity and an understanding nature are a must to interpret people’s desires, turn them into images and make them suit the body ...

Get hurt, feel good

A very thrilling profession for those who can’t do without adventure and a bit of spice in life. But stunt performing ...

The Real Estate Limbo

Three years after the market collapse in the US and vacant storefronts abound as tenants argue rent is unaffordable, millions of homeowners are under water, stuck owing more on their mortgages than their homes are worth ...

Let Me Tell You About My New Life

We just left the Alps and our plane begins to descend towards Bordeaux, a vast plain of vineyards replaces the view of mountains and the earth has become a lot of small rectangles in various shades of green.

The Mantra of Employer Branding

Just like products, which have to be made appealing in order to win over customers and beat the competition, companies will need to present themselves as caring, top-notch employers if they intend to put under contract the crème de la crème the work market has to offer.

Corruption is an Improper Performance

Human resources managers play a great role in shaping the compliance program and disseminating the company’s policy based on ethics and anti-corruption behavior amongst their fellow employees...