Asia 7 results

Peter Conrad

“In such emergency Japan offers to the world the best view of its values and beliefs”.

Christine Loh

“I wanted to work on public issues which have both a private and public dimension. For instance, a polluted environment impacts on all of us personally"

Monika Schmutz Kirgöz

“Tel Aviv is a great place, the human relationships are informal and enriching as people have a high standard of education and an amazing intellectual curiosity.”

Vivek Pahwa

Vivek Pahwa is one of Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs at only 27.

Kimihito Okubo

“In a word? I would like to see youths expose themselves to the world.”

Aya Kunitake

“What I do is completely aimed at creating greater openness towards the world, towards the new.”

Olivier Haski

“I opened my first restaurant when I was twenty-five. After that I opened several restaurants in Paris.”