Best Places Where to Work in Belgium

Working in Belgium means trust in management, sharing the company vision and comradeship, moderated and filtered by a Flemish modesty. We don’t talk about successes, there’s almost a certain fear of saying “how good we are” when we obtain important results. It’s a real pity because many companies do a lot, but they communicate much less. Taking into consideration the weight and the importance of job data in Belgium, real social status to which is transferred the power of defining personal identity, is a pretty paradoxical situation. For this reason, it’s also not so easy to find the right trade-off between working life and the private and familial dimension. They are developing, they explain, new fronts of scientific research aimed at exploring the behavior of those people who work from home. Complex situations occur in this area of work due to a misplaced sense of total availability, which becomes an everlasting lack out of fear that if the home-worker doesn’t immediately answer an email or phone call people will think they are not working at all.

Even if the GPTW’s research form has been the same for 10 years, the ingredients that make the difference (in the formulation of companies’ ranking) are always the same: confidence, trade-off with private life, and communication. This last one includes important dimensions such as transparency, which has characterized objectives and evaluation criteria, inefficiently if not communicated.

Actually, recently there has been a change of pace, first of all in the perception of “the world of work”, put to the test by these years of crisis, which has contributed to the rise of even more core values, beginning with the resistance of the level of confidence recognized in those who lead the company. The real match is played on the process, on the way of researching elements that can make an ideal company a place to spend one’s own working life. It’s in this way that GPTW wants to assist companies, helping them to improve.

2014 Best Workplaces in Belgium

Fewer than 500 employees
SAS Institute
Ormit N.V.
Mars Belgium
CTG Belgium N.V.
More than 500 employees
McDonald’s Belgium
Accent Jobs

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Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2014