Art in the Netherlands

Bart Van Heesch & Emilie Kröner

An Old School as a Creative Lab. Ten years ago, Bart met Emilie and they began their collaboration (both work and family). In a city where bikes are used by everyone, Bart Van Heesch decided to take care of them. He recycles bikes into works of art using old Archetyp Amsterdam bicycles (instantly recognizable by their gold or copper color).

At the same time, his wife Emilie (they inspire each other) has created a whole story using animals in ceramic. Elephants are transformed into salt and pepper pots or crocodiles into candy (or cookie) jars. Both of them were doing other jobs before turning to art. Emilie was an interior designer before deciding to finally create her own projects. They have changed their lives to become “designers” and to make their dream reality.

They moved into an old school. Bart has his lab in the school’s old gymnasium (with room for his bikes) while Emilie works in a cozy old classroom. The place is dedicated to their creations. It’s an alternative accommodation where you can never run out of ideas!

In this way, they created a wonderful project with schoolchildren, making lamps from old cans and bottles picked up in the street. It was an educational project where children learnt environmental protection and design. It was a great success. Emilie and Bart are now creating a box where you will find gloves, lamp structures and light bulbs to create your own by protecting the environment.



Photostory about work in the Netherlands

Oil and gas employee on site

Oil and gas employee on site

Jeroen has always been fascinated by people in exclusive “clubs” and close communities; groups of people bound together by a common fate, a shared passion or affliction. He explains, “As a photographer I explore their worlds with my camera. I can never truly become a member of their communities, however, so as an outsider I am forced to find my own perspective on their microcosm. A lot of my commercial work is offered to me by people who have seen my personal work and want to incorporate my style or esthetic fingerprint in their products or projects.

All photos are by Jeroen Hofman. This work series was commissioned for the European EMMA Advertising Campaign.

Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2014