Art in Belgium

Eve Vaucheret

Born in one of the endless French banlieues, at the age of 9 Eve (29 years old) moved to Brussels with her family of engineers. At 16 she had an eye-opener: her world would be made by porcelain. After a first refusal by her parents, she enrolled in the Ecole Superieure La Cambre, in Brussels, where she attended various courses, among them the manufacturing of ceramic. She learned the rudiments of porcelain manufacturing, in addition to some essential notions of management formation. She created a little laboratory at her parents’ home and her first achievements were soon to come, also using tam-tam and digital instruments. In 2012 she decided to buy a space at the exhibition center La Lustrerie, where she developed a great laboratory called Porcepolis: “the city of ceramic”, open to creative artists, graphic designers and illustrators. She now specializes in the creation of porcelain dolls, which will be exhibited at the Ceramic Event of Brussels in September.


Social responsibility mixed with start-up entrepreneurs

This is the cocktail you can find at La Lustrerie, a solidarity-oriented business center, closely involved in the life and revitalization of Schaerbeek’s district in Brussels. Appreciated by companies in creative fields, it today houses architects, silkscreen printers, photographers and web designers, and occasionally organizes or takes part in cultural events. Its team strives to make the center a place of conviviality under the “umbrella” of creativity, while its small size gives it a “family” character.


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2014