Anna Guschina

“They’ve never tried to influence me, because they wanted me to find my own way; but it happened! When I was seven, I decided I would become an economist.”

Anna (1975) is a Russian economist. Her mother and grandmother both are economists. Guschina is very keen to create professional courses in financial knowledge and skills. “I think it’s important to live by the concept of life for learning. You have to learn for your whole life because it’s very important in current society; it’s very important to upgrade your knowledge.” For Anna, a knowledge and understanding of finance is now critical in Russian society. “When the Soviet Union was destroyed, I remember how many changes we had in our country. People were lost because they didn’t know how to operate in the new economy.” For this reason, she is working as a business trainer for a company, Awara Eduhouse Training, where she designs training programs and courses and does corporate training and public seminars. Besides her new projects, there is a new company, a kind of startup managed with a friend, for business assistance in Russia. Often she starts her days with yoga. “I really love yoga. I think it helps me manage work stress.” Nowadays she is happy with her life. “I really love what I do, and my personal life and work are balanced.” For her future she sees herself “as a good wife and a good mum, but always as a working mother.”


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Fall 2013