Angela Stephanie Goh

“I have always loved the hotel industry, I love people and establishing relationships with customers.”


Angela was born in Malaysia and when she was 4 years old she moved to Singapore until she was 19, where she accomplished her studies. Her first job was as a waitress.  Then, when she reached 20, she moved to Sidney because to make her dream of working in the hospitality industry come true. Angela acquired extensive pre-opening hospitality experience and provided consultancy advice to executive housekeepers of a myriad of multi-national hotels such as Stamford Group, Mirvac Hotels, Oaks Group, Park Hyatt and Marriott Hotels, among many others. Since she usually had problems to find a good housekeeper, she finally decided to open her own company specialized in housekeeping. Due to personal problems, after some years in Australia she decided to go back to Malaysia, working in the real estate segment. “Now I’m back to my passion with my company Ozzie Integrated Services, specialized in housekeeping. I believe in hard work and being smart, because when you get older you are also smarter and my dream is, one day, to have enough financial stability to have the opportunity to give my time to others.”