Amalia Muollo

THE CHALLENGE: Cooking tataki of white tuna, with sweet and sour quinoa, tuna sauce and Campari light broth.

AMALIA MUOLLO has specific expertise in urban planning and energy due diligence, notably in renewable energies and the urban and construction aspects of real-estate transactions as well as in the procedures to obtain government subsidies and in assisting, also in court, with the procedures to revoke subsidies.

Amalia cooks a passionate tataki of tuna, with sweet and sour quinoa, tuna sauce and light Campari broth.

Amalia's style

Amalia’s style

Moreno's style

Moreno’s style

For the quinoa, cook 50 grams of quinoa and 6 grams of salt for about 20 minutes in a liter of water and then drain. Season with vinegar, sugar and salt mixed together. For the tuna sauce (05), stew 25 grams of carrots, 25 grams of celery and 25 grams of onion with 30 grams of extra-virgin olive oil over a low heat in a small covered saucepan. Then drain and cool down. Whisk together a tin of white tuna, desalted capers, anchovies in olive oil, and vinegar.

For the light broth, whisk together water, Campari, pink pepper, raspberry vinegar and a pinch of salt and then strain it. Clean and wash some tender salad. Briefly sear the white tuna fillet in a hot non-stick pan, marking all of the sides. Cool down and cut into slices. Place the quinoa at the bottom, add the tuna sauce and the white tuna slices. Place the light broth and salads on the side and add a little bit of salt.

Artistic license in respect of the original recipe: red tuna was used instead of the white tuna in the original recipe, an ingredient too difficult to find in Milan’s shops.

 Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Spring 2014