Abrianna Bossman

When you are in London, you can easily get mugged. It’s about being cautious of your surroundings, knowing the terrain, and abiding by the dos and don’ts of the society. 

Abrianna Bossman (1976) spent most of her life in Nigeria. Born in England, she moved to Lagos when she was two. She always felt that growing up in Africa, where as she puts it, “the community raises a child,” she was instilled with values that kept her grounded and focused as she pursued her University studies back in England. She pursued an initial career in IT in England working for Oracle. Then she moved back to Nigeria and took a job at Accenture, where she realized her true passion was people. She went back to school in England and got a Master’s degree in HRM. After her Master’s she joined British American Tobacco in Nigeria working in their HR department. She loves being back, because she is close to her family and she feels most comfortable there. “I don’t have any kids yet, hopefully soon,” she admits, and she and her husband look forward to raising them in Nigeria, and bringing them up with the same values they learned. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, dressmaking and traveling, although she hasn’t had much chance for the last one in Nigeria. From England, “you can just get a ticket to Greece or France or anywhere.” She also enjoys giving back to the community. In England she volunteered with MenCap, an organization that helps the mentally challenged. She took great pleasure in learning about their every day struggles and the things we take for granted and she was able to see things from a whole new perspective. There’s a stigma that Nigeria is unsafe. Abrianna does not see that. Having lived and worked there she will tell you it is no different than any other city.


Published in the hard-copy of Work Style Magazine, Winter 2011