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A Touch of Sin

Four characters, four lives follow each other sharing two common denominators: a job and a dire social situation, where poverty, ostentation, discrimination, and depression trigger the usual response. Dahai is a mineworker who rebels against the corrupt system of bosses to fight for the rights of people in his village. A lonely and abandoned man, forced to work apart from his family, he feels a growing anger inside and indifference toward others. A young receptionist in a local sauna ...

Charming Neckties

The production of eyewear, the trends, the designs and the choice – some ideas for professional men who want to make a statement with their specs.

Olivier Haski

“I opened my first restaurant when I was twenty-five. After that I opened several restaurants in Paris.”

The Carrot or the Stick?

Top-performing companies know that employee engagement is a force that drives business outcomes. Research shows that engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, customer focused, safer and less likely to leave the organization.

Mshinwa Edith Banzi

"I like growing and eating my own food and fruits. I have planted different varieties of tropical fruits and want to keep my garden as ecological as I can."

Rebecca Chan

"I have to dedicate a lot of time to this activity because I'm the administrator, the accountant, the wedding planner. I play all the roles."

Anna Guschina

“I think it’s important to live by the concept of life for learning.”

Agnese Gullotta

“I loved to watch her cook; I loved the smells and to plunge my hand into the dough for the bread that was prepared for the family’s Sunday lunch.”

The Internship

Gen X vs Gen Y: Digital natives give a hard time to two former agents for a watch company who lost their jobs but are ready for the battle to get into Google. The film is set in a dream company, Google. It’s like Wonka’s chocolate factory, but in Silicon Valley. It’s a world where the average age is thirty, and it is impossible to distinguish a manager from a trainee. Everyone seems happy. People ride on Google bicycles, eat free Google sandwiches, and chill out in relaxing ...